Feasibility Studies:



  • Environmental, social and health & safety components of conceptual, pre-feasibility and definitive feasibility studies
  • EHS-related capital and operating cost estimates
  • Independent reviews in support of project financing and permitting

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment:  

  • Scoping and management of baseline studies and impact assessments
  • Full Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Independent review of ESIAs
  • Ornithological, aquatic and ecological baseline surveys
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Collision risk modelling for wind turbine developments

Resource, Society, Environment:

 Resources society
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social investment and performance
  • Community engagement and corporate citizenship
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Circular economy and sustainable development
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Re-settlement, relocation and social development programmes
  • Grievance management

Environmental, Social and Health & Safety Due Diligence:

  • Audit and monitoring in support of project financing, mergers and acquisitions
  • Compliance auditing
  • Preparation of EHS components of reports produced in accordance with the requirements of stock exchange listings

Environmental and Social Management Systems:

  • System design to international standards (ISO14001)
  • EMS implementation
  • Environmental management training
  • Environmental monitoring

Pollution Control and Waste Management:

  • Incident investigation and remediation
  • Emergency planning
  • Waste characterisation and management
  • Acid rock drainage
  • Effluent treatment
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Environmental toxicology
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Mine Closure:

  • Closure planning
  • Closure cost estimation
  • Revegetation trials and revegetation programmes
  • Independent reviews of closure plans